Day Thirty Two, 2010

Camp was loaded with fun today! We enjoyed the slides, swings, water slides, arts and crafts and riding toys.

We did a really cool activity today. We made sandy candy! We filled them with so many different colors of sand. They tasted so good!

See you tomorrow!

Day Thirty One, 2010

Today was Earth day. By activity we did so many cool things that had to do with the four seasons. We Planted lolly pops for the spring. Then we drank lemonade for the summer. For the fall we read a book all about what happens during the fall. The coolest of them all was winter, we created real snow!

Today was a really fun day in camp!

Day Thirty, 2010

We all had such a good time today in camp. We enjoyed all the fun activities. The highlight of our day was doing a lot of funny dances pretending we were from outer space.

We also worked really had making sand art. It took a long time but they came out looking so good!


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